Cloud Restore with multiple computers

I have two studios and I move to the other one every 6 months or so. I’m trying to use cloud storage to sync my library betweeen the two but I can’t seem to restore my files. Here is what I’m doing…

I have a PRO account.

Before I left my primary PC I backed up my database and all my audio files to the cloud in Lexicon.

My secondary PC started wih no database at all, fresh install -1.1.27.

I started by restoring my database. This worked and I can see all my files except they have “file not found” warnings.

Next I went into settings to edit Local Path Mappings. I mapped the root folder of the Primary PC to an existing root folder on my secondary PC.

Finally I used the “Find Broken Tracks” utility to restore the files. I unchecked “Scan for Corrupt” and checked “Include all cloud storage files”. It successfully found all the files in the report and labeled them Missing (in cloud).

When I selected the files it asks about “Original location”. I left this checked because I believe the path mapping fixes this and I don’t want to change the Primary location.

It downloaded exactly one track (the first alphabetically) and said it was finished. The one track is in the right place and looks good. Selecting ANY other files, either all of them or a subset results in a message of “There are no missing files that can be downloaded”. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Am I doing this wrong or is it a bug?

So it always works with 1 selected file, regardless which? Is it possible the files it doesn’t restore are on a drive that does not exist?

I haven’t seen this problem before yet, I’d have to investigate it.

I selected all files the first time I tried and it downloaded only the first one in the selection. After that I can’t get it to download any other files. The one file it downloaded was on the same drive as all the others. It just stopped as if it was completed.

Can you upload your database & logs? From the Help menu.
Also, can you try disabling the Local Path Mappings, then try downloading the files? Just to make sure that is not it.

I’ve tried both with and withouth path mappings.

I just sent the logs. Thank you for the excellent responsiveness!

Got it, thanks.

What it looks like is that the database backup for Lexicon was made before uploading all the files. Lexicon saves a “link” to the uploaded file and your Lexicon track. But since the database backup was made before uploading, those links don’t exist.

I think that is a use-case that I did not consider yet so I’ll have to look into updating Lexicon so it will restore the files, even if those links are missing.

The plan is to bring out an update with several fixes after the weekend, so I’ll do my best to add a fix for this too.

Ah. I assumed I should backup the database first and then backup the tracks. I left after that so I didn’t backup again. Fortunately I was able to remotely do a db backup and it works now!

How does the cloud backup deal with archived or deleted tracks? If I remove it from my database does it stay orphaned in the cloud forever?

Tracks will always stay in the cloud, even if you delete them from your Lexicon.

The reason is that when you have multiple Lexicons with the same database, deleting a track on the first Lexicon would not tell the second Lexicon that track is deleted, so you could potentially run into the situation where you would have missing cloud files on either computer.

After looking at it more, I think the problem could also occur if your Windows username is different. Because Lexicon doesn’t have permission to create a new user folder in C:/Users so any file in the old username folder (that can’t be created) will not download.