Combine Tracks/Playlists from Multiple Drives Into One?

Hey All.

12hr old user here… going to try and explain this best I can, bear with me.

Serato & Rekordbox are both my primary librarys.

The Serato library manages all tracks on an External SSD eg. Crates A, B, C-sdj from ExtSSD
The Rekordbox library manages tracks on my Internal SSD eg. Playlist C-rbx, D, E from IntSSD

ExtSSD & IntSSD house the same tracks - filenames etc. Essentially IntSSD is a subset copy of ExtSSD

Both librarys mainly have unique playlists, although there definitely is common ones I’ve manually been syncing – eg. C from above (C-sdj/C-rbx are same but tracks from different SSDs IntSSD/ExtSSD)

With Lexicon, I now have a central management system for all those playlists. So I import from Serato & Rekordbox and Lexicon displays playlists:

If for any reason I wanted to sync Lexicon C-sdj’s playlist (tracks in ExtSSD) to my Rekordbox… I’m guessing it will have references to the ExtSSD. Is there anyway I can ask Lexicon to check IntSSD to see if they exist there… and if so, use that/point to those… and If not… copy file across to IntSSD?

Hope I make sense

Hmm wieso machst das nicht direkt über recordbox und warum zwei DJ Apps und ch brauch nur eine und serato ist gleich Mühl geflogen wo dabei war du kannst über dein Explorer auf der rechten Seite deine sad und externe Festplatte zugreifen und da sieht doch auch dein Playlist und kleiner mach die Playlist in recordbox und zum Export kannst ja einfach auf die die Playlist in dein Explorer schieben ich mach zb meine Playlist in beatport und danach habe meine Playlist per Drag and drop meine Tracks oder gehst auf Import auf der Wiedergabe Liste oder über den Reiter Dateien meiner Meinung nach nehme nur recordbox​:wink::v::pray:

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What I would do is temporarily rename your external SSD, so the files in Lexicon go missing (restart Lexicon to force missing check). Once they are missing, you can select them all → right click → Relocate. Point to the music folder on your internal SSD. Lexicon will match filenames on the internal SSD and if it finds any matches, will point the tracks to those files.

After that, rename the external SSD again to what it used to be.

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ahh, that makes sense. thanks!.