Comment field not loaded for AIFF file

macOS 12.7.3 (Monterey)
Lexicon version 1.6
Meta 2.2
Mixed in Key 10.2.3
Rekordbox 6.8.2

Here a little explanation on how the different apps are used.

I use Meta (macOS app) for adding the release metadata to a file (artist, title, track number, album, artwork, release date, label, catalogue number etc). 99.9 % of my files are .aif or .aiff.

The comment fields holds most important information on key, energy (via Mixed in Key) and all the entries for smart playlists in Rekordbox. So it’s essential that the comment field is consistently shown. So all the different programs can add their information to it.

I mainly use Lexicon for tagging with custom tags and setting cue points with a text. In synchronising back to Rekordbox, I have opted for the option of adding the custom tags as hashtag entries added to the back of the comment (not overwrite).

If I directly add files after having them tagged with Meta to Lexicon the comment field that I was sure was tagged with Meta seems to be empty even upon reloading the tags, however perfectly shows in Meta, Rekordbox and Mixed in Key. If I do add a file to Rekordbox and sync to Lexicon it shows as well.

Are there maybe multiple Comment ID3 tags that make for inconsistent showing of the comment field?

Regarding Release date. With Meta I add the exact release date of files (I use this to sort my whole DJ collection, about 9000 files). Upon syncing back to Rekordbox the release year stays intact but the release date and month are converted to 1 and 1 (basically January 1st).

In order to resolve and get the full release date back I have to reload the tags in Rekordbox every single time I sync to Rekordbox. Which is quite time consuming with about 9000 files.

I hope you can help me to solve the issues. I have added a screenshot. The first file with the method of added the file to Lexicon with drag and drop. Link to file attached via Dropbox.

If you require more information or explanation, please let me know.

Thanks for reporting this. It appears to be the way the Comment tag is written to your AIFF file by the Meta program. Next Lexicon update will fix this.

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Thank you for the quick response. Looking forward to the update then.

Thanks again. The update did solve this issue

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