Comments being deleted, cut in half

Lexicon version: 1.5.8
Mac M1 Big Sur

Bug description: Comments are being cut in half or deleted!!! Im so scared to even open Lexicon anymore or update and try again. This has happened before when I used Lexicon but thought it was a fluke.

Step by step to reproduce: Anytime I load music or playlists and use them for anything in Lexicon I find alot of my songs comments are being LOST! They are being chopped off So Im losing all my info. Im not running anything except sharing playlists or doing a search with the playlists to find similar songs.

Screenshot: Heres what the comments look like now

Here is what they should look like…

Is the column maybe not wide enough there?
If you click it to edit, you should be able to see the full comment

No cause when I open back up in Serato this is what the tags look like. I first notice it in Lexicon then go to Serato to see if comments are cut and they still are.

Cut off at (SN…

Can you upload one of those files, that still has the full comment?

You can upload with this link:

Uploaded a folder of files that were cut off

Looks like your mp3s have broken headers, with the comment field appearing multiple times. This is what kid3 sees:

The red field means it is technically invalid.

Lexicon can’t know which of the comment is that one you want, so it just takes the first one which is the top one in the screenshot.

Okay can you explain that a little more in depth? Or how can I fix this.

Not really sure how to fix it easily…
In what progam(s) are you seeing the full comment? It would help if I know which programs see the long/correct comment so I can test those. If you have multiple programs where it shows that, that would be good to know too

Im actually not seeing the long comment in any program. Serato, Mixed in Key 8 and sometimes a program called Meta. I only see the cut off comments that Lexicon created.

Can you check one of those files before Lexicon was involved? What comment do you see in other programs?

I dont have any past backups of those files untouched.

The order would be…

Edit tags in Serato
Sometimes process in Mixed In Key 8 or Meta
Re Analyze in Serato
Open in Lexicon

When I added some crates to Lexicon I noticed the comments cut in half IN LEXICON.

So then I would go back to Serato to see if that was the case in there too and it was. This happened twice and now the comments in all programs show cut in half.

I suspect the problem happens at MIK (not sure about Meta, never heard of it before). I’ve heard of MIK breaking ID3 tags more often

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