Creating a list from tags, All categories are using "or"

Hi Christiaan,
My tags are not working as they should be.
If I select say “House” and then in another category select “Has Vocals” the results are coming up as if “House” and “Has Vocals” are in the same tag category. This is happening for everything. I have tried multiple selections and every time time I’m getting results that include any track that has any one of the tags I’ve selected instead of curating it down to a list of songs that might have “Dance” that are only “Instrumental”. I’m seeing all tracks that have a “Dance” tag and also all tracks that have the “instrumental” tag.

If you create a smartlist manually you can specify a tag rule to achieve this by requiring tracks to have all tags selected.

I’m not sure whether it’s intended or not that lists derived from the tags screen are using OR instead of AND between categories but from my experience most users aren’t creating playlists this way and are instead just creating smartlists.

Thanks @Scythe

I think it’s supposed to work the way I understand it.
Making a smart list for every possible combination is not something I want to fill my playlist column with.

The Tags page should find tracks that have any selected tag in all categories with a selection.

I’ll run a quick test here to check that, let you know in a bit

Can confirm this is not working the way it should. Will be fixed in this weeks update.

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks Christiaan!

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