Critical: Moving first beatmarker forward by more than 4 bars can corrupt playback in Engine DJ

Lexicon version: 1.1.4
Operating system: Mac

Bug description:

I have exported my set for a gig tonight and I found a rather bad problem: Many tracks I have prepared with lexicon do not play back correctly in engine. What happens is the following (both in Engine Desktop and Prime 4)

  1. Track starts playing from the beginning normally until it reches the first beatmarker
  2. at the first marker, the track skips back exactly one bar and continues playing
  3. it continues playing normally after that, but
  4. if I rewind, the jump happens again at the position 1 bar behind the first marker, jumping forward to the beatmarker
  5. and it rewinds normally from there. If I play again, the jump happens again

So basically it’s like there is a portal between the position of the first bearmarker in lexicon and a place exactly 1 bar before it, and the 4 beats in between are duplicated once. Here’s a video:

What I have found out so far is:

  1. In all problematic tracks, I have moved the first beatmarker forward by more than a full bar.
  2. The Beatmarker un Engine DJ (yellow bar) is visualized 1 beat early, at the point where the playhead jumps to
  3. Changing tempo in Engine DJ does not change the positions of the portal
  4. I can fix this on a per track basis by deleting all markers in engine prime and placing them again. The files play fine after that.
  5. Problem appears on tracks with a single beatmarker, not seen on multiple markers (may be coincidence)

Step by step to reproduce:
I’m still figuring out how to reproduce exactly. Working theory is that you have to move the playhead forward by more than four bars, and then it happens quite often. I am uploading my database and an exported engine db after posting this.

(Dropbox - PXL_20220326_084425264.mp4 - Simplify your life)

I have uploaded my database with some problematic tracks: TestA/jumpy, and an engine xport with files that exhibit the problem. Files were exported directly to new drive, analyzed by engine prime (analysis doesn’t change anything in the behaviour) and then zipped and uploaded.

I’m kind wishful thinking here that maybe a solution materializes before tonight, but I’m aware that that would amount to a minor miracle.
I can now pretty reliable tell when the problem will happen (by the yellow engine beatmarker appearing too early) and then beatskip ahead direct after the jump happened.

Worth mentioning: With some of the tracks, you may need to rewind to the very beginning for the jump to happen. If you jump to the area that is repeaded, the problem does not appear. The problem appears on pretty much every track with manually adjusted beatmarkers for me (if they were moved more that 4 bars forward)

Fixed, will be in the release this afternoon

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You absolute madman <3

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