Cue Generation > Drop detection missing break 1

The Cue Generation > Drop detection works quite good and detects the most part properly.

It seems to miss the typical “break” in modern EDM tracks.

Usually a EDM track is:
Start: 0:00
Break 1: 0: 28
Drop 1: 0:42
Break 2: 1:28
Drop 1: 1:42

In the songs that I tried the Drop detection, detected the START/ DROP 1 / BREAK 2/ DROP 2/END but the 1st break was never detected.

Is there a way to “train” or indicate this to the algorithm?

Under Advanced Options you can set the minimum beats for the breakdowns. That will give you some control.
But not all breaks are detected. Cue point generation is difficult and very much depends on the genre/type of music. For example, trap or dancehall is very difficult because the cue point generator works a lot by detecting the difference in bass between the break and drop. For those genres, there is not enough difference in low frequencies.

There’s no perfect way to detect breaks/drops for all genres so the current experience is what I feel is a decent balance that works for most genres. Manual cues are always better though, there’s no denying that.