CUE generator not using the template names

please see attached screenshot. I am using a saved template and in theback on top you can see the just processeed file using different names. How come?

You are using the Musical Change algorithm so this is what happens:

The first row tells you that it will put a a cue on every point where “something” happens. The colors are different each time because the “Cycle colors” option is enabled.

I can’t say why the named cues like “Music Start” is not there but it could be overridden by one of the musical change cues, if they are on the exact same spot in time.

Btw I don’t know what genre music that is, but if it is anything electronic/dance/edm/hiphop (anything with a beat) then I highly recommend using Drop Detection instead.

Appears to be a bug where custom cues anchored to Start or Last Beat didn’t show up when using the Musical Change algorithm, will be fixed real soon

Thank you. Appreciate the feedback.

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