Cue Management - Sorting / Moving Cues

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
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A couple of things would be cool additional that would assist with cueing tracks.

  1. I know it can be done in a recipe, but a small button to sort cue’s chronologically would be welcome.

  2. Often, if a track’s cue’s aren’t where you would like, there’s a bunch of them that are out by the same amount. Wondering if it’s feasible to shift-select a number and move them the same amount?

Thanks for considering!

Thanks for the ideas!

Sorting cues is a recipe so there is no need for an extra button that not all users use. Buttons everywhere would make the UI a mess. I prefer not to add those unless almost all users need it.

You can shift cues with a recipe as well (but only all of them). I don’t think selecting them is a good idea because it would make it even more finnicky especially when dragging cues.
Individually moving cues can be done by holding SHIFT and clicking a cue. With quantize enabled it’s actually quite fast.
Or alternative if they are all out by a little bit, you can move the grid and then run the Quantize Cues recipe.
So I think there are probably enough options for most situations.