Cue point not exporting into Serato DJ

Can you clarify?

When I synchronize my playlist to Serato DJ the cue points that I created in Lexicon only one cue point transferred over. That is Drop# one. The first cue point you see in Serato I added into Serato. So you can disregard it.

Your first (yellow) cue in Lexicon is a loop. Loops are not in the same spot as cues in Serato. The loop is there, on the right, called “Start”

But the last cue #6 Outro didn’t port over.

Isn’t that also a loop in Serato?

the 1st image with the cue points is Lexicon. The 2nd photo is Serato DJ

Yeah and cue 6 is a loop in Lexicon and it is in the loop slot in Serato so that is correct

I’m so sorry and feel stupid. Please disregard and thank you very much

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No worries!