Cues and beat grid are shifted Rekordbox 6

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Lexicon version: .v.3.39.
Operating system: Mac

**Bug description: I set my cue points on Serato so I can have the same on Rekordbox, but lately when I use Rekordcloud or Lexicon my cue points and the beatgrid are a little bit shifted. This always happen when I set cues on new tunes, most of the older ones on my library doesn’t have this problem, other problem that I have is when I set an auto loop, Lexicon set the auto loop on hot cue A, I never had this problem on rekordcloud. What could be the problem this never happen before?

**Screenshot: If this is about a DJ app, plea

I can relate to this topic.

it’s not much but the grids are off enough to conflict an ideal workflow while spinning indeed…
been focussing on importing from engine prime to lexicon, from lexicon (where the all the grids are on point after handeling them with re-analyze / cue grid functions) to serato (all ok!), to traktor (all ok!) but to rekordbox… it seems to be that the grids are off a bit too much unfortunatly indeed :confused:

Just sharing my experience as well here…

Grtz N.

Did you run the Beatshift Correction utility? Try that scan and sync again and see if that helps

I have made a mistake… i didn’t re-import the newly generated XML to RB5…

Now i imported the whole lot from the XML to RB5 (± 10.000 songs in this test-batch)
All seems to be pretty damn fine!!


Create your on point Lexicon database by:

  • 1a importing your tracks and create your playlist/folder-structure with your wanted mappings & all yourself…


  • 1b Import from whatever app’s library…
  • 2 Go to the Utility tab on top => Other => Beatshift Utility.
  • 3 Select the whole batch => rightmousebutton => Analyse
  • 4 Select the whole batch => rightmousebutton => Edit => Switch to recipes => Round BPM
  • 5 Select the whole batch => rightmousebutton => Edit => Switch to recipes => Quantize Cues
  • 6 Select the whole batch => rightmousebutton => Edit => Switch to recipes => Quantize Beatgrid


when this is done you just need to sync it to a RB XML again…

It worked for me, hopefully for you too.

So sorry… i use RB5… now 've just read it’s R6 here…

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