Custom Tags to serato fields

Hello Everyone,

After a long period without touching my crates, i’m starting on a reorganization with lexicon.
I’d like to transform a large part of my crates into smarts.

I’ve already drawn up my structure on excel to be clear about my target.

I’m looking for a quick way to do this, based on my predefined categories, genre, sub-genres…

I’ve seen that it’s possible via a dropdown added to the genres to select quickly without typing manually. That’s cool. But it doesn’t work on the other fields…
:point_right: It’s normal or a bug ?

So, I tried using custom tags. It’s a good function and I can go fast by clicking on the tags to categorize the music !

But now I’m looking for a way to copy the value of custom tags into fields.
For example, convert the “ABC” custom tag to “Label” serato field.
:point_right: Is it possible to do this unitarily via remapping (like sync remapping) ?


Not a bug, only Genre is auto filled.

You can add tags to tracks with hotkeys, that can really speed things up if you want to set genre tags.

For your Label field, use a Field Mapping, see

Thanks for your quick feedback.

I did see the hotkeys and remapping. But hotkeys don’t allow to set a genre or another mp3 tag by dropdown or without type text with keyboard.

For the sync, I was thinking of remapping custom tag to id3 tag (serato field).

But in the meantime I’ve had a look at your api, and I’m going to make a python script to do that.
This will help me during my librarie rebuild period.

I worked on my requirements using a script that queries the APIs.
It works very well, thank you Christiaan for opening the programme with it !

I’ll post the py script here if anyone needs it one day : Lexicon_CustomTags_To_SeratoTags · GitHub
(Quick and dirty dev)

Simply :

  • it allows you to copy Lexicon Custom Tags to IDv3 tags from serato or another program.
  • Based on your correspondence table (you must enter into)
  • Works playlist by playlist based on the ID
  • It’s a one shot job.

There is no tracking between Serato<>Lexicon and this should only be used for correction or init tagging.

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I think that is the same result as this field mapping? (different tag categories)

That’s why I meant you should use a field mapping, or am I missing something?

Yes, that’s exactly it !

But I don’t see these Customs tags in the re-mapping window.

Is this a new feature you’ve added or is it already in 1.5.3?

You have to scroll down more

OK your right. My apologies, I didn’t see the options bellow. :flushed:
This is what I need, the function already exist in lexicon, I’ve worked on it for nothing!