Database not found Virtual DJ external drive

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Lexicon version: 1.1.26
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:

Does not find the database when the tracks are located on an external USB drive Virtual DJ

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Lexicon and Virtual DJ: Clean Install.
  2. External USB flash drive with several folders containing tracks.
  3. Analysis and creation of playlist structure with Engine DJ.
  4. Import to LXC.
  5. Export to VDJ.
  6. Operations by group → Analysis BPM, Gain… in VDJ
  7. I try to recover the analysis that VDJ has done in LXC (because it is more accurate)
  8. Cannot find the database file.


I think the solution would be to examine the possible storage units and add an import options section similar to the Engine DJ process:


VDJ stores a database on each external drive, they should all be read at the same time. There needs to be a Documents/VirtualDJ/database.xml file, which is the main VDJ database.
Is that file there? Starting VDJ once should create it.

No, There is no such file:

Only in external USB drive:

Did you start VDJ?

Yes, of course, I had to do the group analysis process of the exported playlists with LXC.

I just opened it up again, loading and playing a track, but it doesn’t create that file.

It is version 7032, clean installation.

Is that an old version? My VDJ is on 8.5 right now

No, it´s the penultimate:


Okay, same build here.

You didn’t change the database location in some VDJ setting?
Can you try adding 1 track from your internal drive into VDJ, then see if that creates the database.xml

No, i just only did a clean installation.

I just added folder from d: internal drive and same as usb (I would not like have music in c: main drive)

Try adding 1 track from your c: drive

Now. The file has been created in: Documents/VirtualDJ/database.xml, but this database only contains that file in c:

What is the conclusion?

The sync should work now. Normally there is always that database file. For me it even creates it without adding a track so I’m not sure why we needed to do that in your case.

Ok. Now I have been able to sync perfectly. It is curious yes, that VDJ created the file for you in that location as soon as you start the program, but it does not happen to me.

By the way, somehow, VDJ has read from a track 8 cue points that it had memorized, which neither Engine nor Traktor did.

Is there a “standard” for storing this information?

What is the best way to assign these cues, so that they are compatible or can be imported and exported between different applications?

It’s probably that it read Serato cues from the music file. I highly recommend you turn that option off, it’s in the VDJ settings somewhere (search for Serato)

So… any recommendations?

Imagine for a moment using Serato as the main application for saving cues… These must be stored somehow embedded in the file, but LXC doesn’t seem to read them directly. VDJ yes.

Let’s see if I explain myself, just asking you as there are some standards for rating the tracks, if is there an appropriate way or best application (Traktor, VDJ, Serato…) to save the cues?

There is no standard. Serato does its own thing, but VDJ also reads those. So if you have a track without VDJ cues, but it does have Serato cues, then VDJ will load those Serato cues.


Turn off this option

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