Default Cue labels absent in Engine DJ

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Bug description:

My cue labels in Engine DJ is blank.

They should say CUE1, CUE2, LOOP1 etc

Step by step to reproduce:

Export tracks without cue labels/names from Lexicon to Engine DJ


That is normal because you (probably) imported your cues from Serato. Serato does not add any label so Lexicon keeps that.

Something can be said to add those labels if they are empty, but that would mean all cues now have labels which is maybe something other users don’t want…

Ok. But when i import my serato crates direct to engine dj, those tracks contain those default labels.

Understood, I would find it helpful even if its a opt-in click box in the export menu.

Just to follow up

  1. This worked fine.

  2. Got the usual shift which is a pain especially since they are tracks manually gridded.

  3. Kinda notice it’s more apparent in m4a files.

  4. I’m sure if there was a perfect solution you would have done it!

  5. I’m considering converting all the m4a to mp3.

  6. I have almost half of my library as m4as - 30k odd files.

So question

How is the shift in mp3 compared to m4a?

Seems that Engine has decided to add labels to cues without labels. But they only import to Engine, never to another DJ app.

Upload a few of your m4as with shift so I can check them. Shifts in Engine are not as well fixed as other DJ apps yet but the more files I can check the better.

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