Delete song from tracks doesn't show option menu

When deleting song from tracks folder it deletes it from collection only, the option menu for being able to delete it from drive and trash no longer appears.
The option menu I’m missing still appears when you delete a song from a playlist.
Now I’ve the next problem, let me know there is a way to solve it; I’ve already deleted lots of songs from the Lexicon collection this way. If I search them in my collection they doesn’t appear but if I search them in my song folder they are there.

Thanks in advance!

Are you in a smartlist? The option doesn’t appear there because a smartlist does not contain tracks, but it is a set of rules

If you mean the popup, hold the CTRL button when deleting or use the Reset hidden popups button in the settings

Problem fixed, Thank you Christian! You’re awesome.

The popup is what I meant. The Reset Hidden popups button is what I needed.

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