Delete tracks from Lexicon database from within smartlist when using specific smartlist fields

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Ability to delete track from Lexicon from within a smartlist when using specific smartlist fiels like missing file.

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I keep some music separated between personal listening files that I don’t care about and haven’t taken the time to run them through Platinum Notes or any analysis tools etc. When I do need a song, I will delete the track from my personal, process it, and add it to my DJ in a different folder location. This creates tracks with broken/missing files.

Ideally, by using a smartlist, I can find all the files with missing tracks and be able to either relocate (already able to do this) or to delete from Lexicon (because I have already re-processed and re-added to Lexicon but in a different folder and probably different filename).

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No idea

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No, because you can’t sort playlists or the general track folder by missing files. If you added the ability to sort a playlist by the missing track header, it would accomplish the same thing.

EDIT: Just remembered that I can duplicate the smartlist to create a normal list and delete from there but that just adds extra processing time and playlist cleanup time into the mix.

Smartlists are just a set of rules, so you can’t delete anything from it. The workaround is like you said, duplicate the smartlist as normal playlist. Then hold the CTRL button when deleting a track to fully delete it from Lexicon.