Delete tracks when deleted in database

I would like tracks to be deleted on external drives when they are deleted in the database of Lexicon, when syncing to Engine DJ.

The way it is now, you delete a track from Lexicon and it only disappears from your main drive. When syncing to another drive, the track is deleted from the playlists, but not actually from the drive. So it keeps taking space on the drive while it is not of any use anymore.

A workaround is to clear to external drive and start syncing all over again. That takes a lot of time and is not efficient. Or just leave it and then the disk you sync to ‘grows’ faster than the source-disk.

Thanks for your attention!

This is on my low priority to do list, but I can’t really say when I will get to it. I won’t forget though.

I knew, Christiaan, but for me it’s about the highest priority. For me Lexicon is about the best library I can get. Having good back-ups is part of that. Hope you’ll fix it one day :slight_smile:

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I was about to implement this so I gave it some more thought but I think I’m not going to add this. This could lead to data loss for users who use the Engine Library/Music folder without Lexicon. If they add music to it (use it as their Music download folder for example) and then run Lexicon once, suddenly a lot of their music is gone.

The only alternative I can think of is that someone writes a script where it takes the locations from the device Engine database and compares it to what is on disk and deletes the difference.

Hi Christiaan, thanks very much for your explanation. I’m not sure if I understand it completely. (Maybe it’s where my abstract thinking stops :slight_smile: ) There’s already a warning in Lexicon that syncing could mean that tracks get lost in Engine DJ. And isn’t the ‘alternative’ you mention not exactly what I would like? So I’m a bit confused now…

The alternative is a custom script unrelated to Lexicon, someone would have to make it and share it with the community.

There is a difference in losing tracks in Engine (those are just database entries that still exist in Lexicon) and potentially many gigabytes of files with no way to undo except a backup that may or may not exist.

I did understand that last part. But the warning is already for the losing of tracks, not for the losing of an entry in the database. (Just a matter of semantics, I guess.) So in my humble opinion you might be to concerned about the mistakes people could make. You could also add and extra warning to be very sure to have a back-up before syncing. But of course it’s your programm and your decision! Thanks very much for taking the time! (And I was wondering if you already are thinking about adding Engine DJ’s new active loop-function to Lexicon.)


Sorry, I know how it goes, especially with newer and less technical users and I don’t want to cause these kinds of trouble.

Active loops is on the consideration list.

Okay, thanks very much anyway!

Just one more thought: what if you gave the users the choice whether or not to delete the files while syncing? Or would that still be a risk you think?

Yes it would still be risky and there is an acceptable alternative, which is to create a script that does this or delete the entire Music folder and let Lexicon copy everything again on sync.

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