Deleting memory cues on mass

Hello all.

Is is possible to delete all Rekordbox memory cues as you can with remove all hot cue feature? I previously used Mixed in Key to auto add in hot cues, which it did, but it also added them as memory cues too (which I use differently as the ‘beats to memory cue’ feature). I now have an entire library with memory cues I don’t want - but do want to keep the cue points.

Thank you in advance!

P.S. Great work with a fantastic product btw. You have answered every problem an obsessively tidy DJ could ever have :slight_smile:

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When you import from Rekordbox, there is an option to select which cues to use. If you choose Hot Cues there, it will drop all memory cues and only import hot cues.

Then when you sync, there won’t be any memory cues anymore so at that point they will be removed from RB


If I already have duplicate hot cues & memory cues in RekordBox and Lexicon, it appears that it would also be possible to do this cleanup by sync’ing (back) to RB and choosing Cue Destination = All to hot cue. The instructions say that choosing Default will leave them as is, implying that selecting All to hot cue or All to memory cue will delete the other type. Is that correct?

It seems like it’s easy to change back and forth if that’s the case. (I’m new to Rekordbox after many years on Traktor, so it may take me some time to figure out how I prefer to use Hot Cues vs. Memory Cues. It’s nice that it appears it would be easy for me to clean things up once I’ve figured out how I like to use the two distinct types of cues.)


I don’t follow entirely, but choosing Default will make Lexicon send the hot or memory cues back to where they were originally. Usually you want to use that in combination with the Both cues import option. Mixed cues become normal cues in Lexicon, but Lexicon remembers if they were hot or memory originally. That’s where Default comes in.

Hope that makes sense

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Thanks. That makes sense and the added technical detail is helpful to understand what’s happening inside the software. It sounds like it is indeed possible at any time to change from a mixed cue state to all hot (or memory) cues on export.


Hello Christiaan,

Thank you so much for your reply - it worked like a charm and they’ve all been removed. Really appreciate all the help :slight_smile:

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