Did Lexicon find Extra / New Tracks as It added extra tracks to EDJ from LXC

Lexicon version:


Operating system (remove one):

MacOS Sonoma Latest

Bug description:

I noticed that following a sync from LXC to EDJ some new/updated tracks were added and triggered the autoanalysis

It was about 150 tracks i saw.

I have not downloaded 150 new tracks since rebuilding my EDJ database from Serato this morning.

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Create a new EDJ library using the Serato import feature in LXC

  2. Sync LXC Library created with Serato to EDJ

My LXC playlist is slightly different to my Serato playlist because LXC has many rules for building smartlists which are not available in Serato eg beatgrid is

Expected result

  1. Full Sync should just update EDJ with LXC specific smartlists/Playlists

  2. No new tracks to be added since i did not add any new tracks

Was this a full sync or modified sync? Where did the 150 tracks come from?