Different sorting between imported playlists and smart playlists in Lexicon

Hi guys,
currently I have imported my playlists from Engine DJ.
I have also created several smart playlists in Lexicon.
No I have the problem that if I use the unsort function, these playlists are sort differently.

My EDJ playlist are following the same order as in EDJ (latest track added to the collection is in first position, oldest track at the bottom of the list)

My smartlists are sorted the opposite way (oldest track first, newest track last)

What is the logic behind the smartlists in terms of sorting?

BTW I can´t use the sort option (track added descending) as I have a lot of songs added on the same day (the day I moved from Rekordbox to EDJ) and Lexicon seems like to sort these tracks in a different way than EDJ does. Means older songs appears in the list between newer songs.

I saw there is a future request to sort lists indepentently. Will this solve my issue in the future?

Thank you for your time


The order of smart playlists when unsorted is the original order the tracks are in your library. So that might be why it is different from an imported playlist.

I don’t think sorting playlists independently will help you here because when sorting by date added it will still be sorted by day and not hour or minute.

I don’t think there is a way to do exactly what you want here, other than manually creating playlists in a specific order.

With library you meen in Engine DJ, right?
I could reorder it again in Engine I suspect

I mean the library in Lexicon.

If your original track order in your entire library is something like A, B, C then a smartlist that finds tracks B and C will be in order B, C.

OK got it.
I will try then to sort it again in EDJ, shouldn´t be a too big of an issue.

Thanks for clarification.