Display waveform previews in the browser

Rekordbox has a great feature where you can preview waveforms in the browser. As can be seen in the screenshot below.

Clicking on a waveform plays the track from where you clicked, this makes it really useful for users when they’re trying to preview a large number of tracks because often when you preview tracks you already know what you want to listen to verse/chorus/drop/intro. This really speeds up this workflow making it a single click rather than the current method: load the track, move the mouse, click where you want to listen, move mouse back to browser for the next track.

Also its amazing how much information you can quickly get from a waveform, is it radio edit or extended mix, does it have a drop and build up.

I’m a Traktor user but have playlists in Rekordbox literally just to use this feature.

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Yeah I like that in Rekordbox too and I gave it some thought if I wanted to do that in Lexicon. The problem is that it will be quite a performance hit, so using the track browser with that column enabled will make it slower. That’s why I decided not to do that yet, but it’s definitely an option for later.

Can it be an option we enable/disable in the preferences? If users experience performance drops? or it’s deeper than that?

I’m Using Serato atm. and i really miss how useful this feature was in rekordbox during preparation and while performing and quickly skimming through. One of few Rekordbox gems Serato users are sleeping on.

The waveform preview is availabe in the beta and it can be turned off by just hiding the column

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