DJ Pro Algoriddim 5 beat gridding brought to lexicon?

Hey guys,
algoriddim 5 beatgridding analysis actually has me wanting to start beatgridding. Previously it’s so cumbersome by serato and rekordbox.

Is there any plans to integrate deejay Pro or algoriddim so we can get perfect beat grids into lexicon and export to serato and rekordbox???

This would be a gamechanger!!!


We are working a a better beatgrid analyzer right now, althought I can’t promise it will be a good as what Djay Pro 5 has to right now.


Thanks for the reply Christian. Yes I hope you can come up with something great , Serato and rekordbox is terrible for old tracks.

Any movement on this?

All we’re asking for is to have the ability to use Djay Pro to do the automatic beatgrid analysis for us.
Import it into Lexicon and then export it into Serato or Traktor.
Having to manually beatgrid old tunes with drifting beatgrids is a really HUGE waste of time.

Why waste precious development time when a better solution is already available on the market?

I thought Lexicon’s USP was about INTEGRATING DJ software so we can utilise features to simplify our lives.

I really don’t want to use Lexicon to analyse my beatgrids. Mixed In Key does a great job of giving me the most accurate key info and DJay has the best beatgrid solution.
The library management tools available already are amazing and that’s where Dev time should be spent.

Any news Christiaan?

Mixo are now prioritising this feature, which will probably mean I switch over to using Mixo.