Does importing playlist from Apple Music bring over song locations?


I am working through Cratehackers to slim down my library and have a few questions regarding the import Music playlist.

In short, ideally, using this import feature would bring over only the playlist songs and match them to the files already in my library WITHOUT looking at the file locations called out in the XML.

This way I can have my existing playlist structure but use the new Platinum Notes files and new flat folder structure.


This feature existed in Lexicon as the CH integration but since CH decided to stop offering their playlists inside Lexicon/Rekordcloud, I have since removed that.

But what would work is to import your library and playlists from iTunes (Apple Music) and then run Find Lost Files on automatic mode and point it to your flat folder.

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Ok, so just tried a small test on this and it looks like I ran into an issue. After going through Platinum Notes, it appends the filename with a *_PN

Because of that, it looks like the find lost tracks utility is not working correctly to find those tracks. The music in from Apple Music was not run through PN before this.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


You could use a third party utility to rename your files and remove the _PN part.

Google for a “batch file renamer” and you’ll find tools that can do that.