Does lexicon work alongside soundswitch without problems?

I realize that including soundswitch support is way out of scope for lexicon. However, I wonder if the export from lexicon does affect soundswitch at all or, phrased differently: Can I be sure that lexicon doesn’t interfere at all with soundswitch?

I think soundswitch settings are stored on the device, so Lexicon won’t interfere with it. Only Engine DJ desktop can change those settings though

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Thank you. I’ll probably give it a go this winter to prepare for the next season. If any users have some insights, I’d be happy to hear them.

I’m using SW with Serato and Lexicon with no problems. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good to hear. Do you have any insights on how soundswitch links to files internally? I suppose it’s just pointing to a path on the drive? Or does it actually use the serato db?

I tried it a while ago for Engine and I think it just created a soundswitch config file on the hard drive. So completely separate from Lexicon since it doesn’t use the database.

Not sure about Serato, but I’ve never seen anything soundswitch related in the Serato database and I’m pretty sure they would never put config data in there. Definitely going to be a separate config file

Everything relaxed - SW creates a “SW stamp” after each analysis/script of a track, which is stored in the ID3 tag of the track. In addition, SW creates a project file in the SW folder. The references to the associated tracks are stored in this project file.
I.e. this folder and the tracks with the SW signature belong together. When moving to other media, things must always be there, otherwise SW will not work with scripted tracks.
Of course, if you only use the autoloops, you don’t need the tracks.
LX, Serato, RB, Denon DJ and Virtual DJ don’t change the SW files - so don’t worry