Done: Error: No such column: ActiveOnLoadLoops

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Lexicon version: latest
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description:

When I try to transfer the library from Engine to LexiconDj, an error is displayed. The problem is new, it has never happened before.
Here is a screenshot

Step by step to reproduce:

its everytime i transfer vom engine to lexicondj


What Lexicon version are you on?

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This error means you have an older Engine database, but normally Lexicon should fix that. Do you have the latest Engine (3.0.1) ? Try starting it and making a small change (like change a track title), to force Engine to upgrade your database.

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Yes, Engine 3.0.1

i making a small change, but the error comes again.

Try this version please, it has a small change that should fix this: -

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Yes !
Great job, it works ! :slight_smile:

thank you very much

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