Drag songs into other apps

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I just imported a songs and I want to drag it into my Serato and use it right away.

How will this feature help you and others?
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Help with being able to add the Lexicon’s library and also use the song right away within Serato or those other DJ software.

Also I might want to drag it into an email or another app.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
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I agree this would be a good feature and has been brought up before, at the moment you can right click/2 finger click on the track and select ‘open folder’ as a work around, I use this method myself. not ideal but gets the job done

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I haven’t added this on purpose because the operating system is very limited in what you can drag out of an app. You can only drag out a list of track locations. If you drag that into Rekordbox, it would import them but without cues because that info was not there. To avoid confusion, I’m not adding the ability to drag tracks out of Lexicon.

I thought the cues were on the mp3s?

Only for Serato

Only Serato matters :slight_smile:
But If I pick Serato then can it be enabled?

No because Lexicon works with 5 DJ apps so I want the same, expected, behavior for all DJ apps. So not making anything Serato specific like that.

And there is no way to know you are dragging your tracks to Serato and not another DJ apps, so it’s not even technically possible in this way

What if I set this then you would know I’m using Serato?