Draggin the folder in the right position

Hi a stupid question…

How i can moove the 21_00 in the right position under 20_00?
i am trying draggin down the folder but i just can go in the next folder i can’t go in between… any suggestion?

If you drag the folder ontop of the other folder it should drop below it, tested here and it works

is impossible to do it, are you moving a directory of playlist?
i always go in the next directory

…in other software, when you move a directory/folder up or down, a line appears between two directory as a destination …instead of a square that means that you will positionnig you file inside

…In Lexicon i just can move my directory inside another directory, not under or above…
pls help :slight_smile:

It’s because the folder is empty. If you add any playlist inside the folder, then you will be able to drag between the 2 folders.

I am sorry @Christiaan
i really cant do it… what do you mean by “If you add any playlist inside the folder”
looking the picture i posted…moving up or dow 21_00 i always finish inside another directory…

Try to drag a playlist over the folder, it will end up inside it.
Then drag a 2nd playlist over the folder, it will end up above it.

i made it!!!
i feel so dumb :slight_smile:
thank you @Christiaan and @StuR !!!

Haha no problem.
There is a logical reason for this actually… If a folder is empty, there is no room to drag a playlist to so it goes into the folder. So dragging onto an empty folder makes it go in.