Dropbox Support for Prime Engine

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
Engine PRime has recently added a Dropbox feature. All it does is to make an export like you would to any external drive to a specific dropbox folder. The Prime Units can then connect to dropbox and download the tracks via WiFi.

How will this feature help you and others?
It’s a quality of life feature that is probably a low hanging fruit, since you only need to locate the dropbox folder and can then “just export”. It’s worth noting that importing from there does probably not make sense, since the prime units don’t write data to dropbox. It would be another step to avoid the prime Desktop Software as much as possible. The feature itself helps with getting tracks from a laptop to the unit without a hassle. Useful in mobile DJ Situations.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
In Prime Engine Desktop

Does a workaround currently exist?


Good to know, thanks. I agree that a Dropbox target drive would be pretty easy to add. Adding it to the list.