Dupiicate Scan Failed

Anyone explain why anytime i try to find duplicates, this happens? This is literally why i thought to use Lexicon. Is this some type of bug as i get that error both on mac and windows? My files are on the SD card i use.

I haven’t seen this error before. Can you try using Cleanup from Help menu? Put it on Temporary Files.

Sorry for the late reply but i already tried this and it doesnt fix the issue. I also even tried my local harddrive on my Mac and still same issue.

I am not even sure how to approach this anymore.

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.

I have an idea that could be it, I can check with your database.

I just did.
Thanks for looking into this.

The problem are these 2 tracks, renaming the titles to anything else will work

I am still getting the error.
Deleted the related files…same issue
Also when i use my SD card library, i get thesame issue.

Cleaned up again and also tried database integrity check.

I also can’t scan selected playlists for duplicates like i used to in the past.

Not sure what else to try. Just did another log/db upload.

Are you sure you deleted them? It’s 100% sure those 2 tracks.

You have to delete (or rename the titles to anything else) them both