Duplicate finder still doesn't find a lot of dulicates

Another question about the duplicate manager ? Is there a way to improve it? I already cleaned all my titles and artists, all “feat…” is now with the Artist. All Remixes are in the title. Still the duplicate finder doesn’t find a lot of duplicates. Here are a few examples:

Happy for all hints and help to find more duplicates! :slight_smile:

Have you tried increasing the Tag Search Tolerance option on the Find Duplicates popup?

See Find Duplicates | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Of course - I already used the highest option…

Okay, can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.

I’ll take a closer look at those duplicates specifically.

More examples will really help, I’ll look at them all

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Thank you, it will take some time to collect them. I will upload everything when I got some more Data. :)!

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Finally, I collected a lot of the duplicates, the duplicates finder coulnd’t find (a sentence which sounds very silly for everyone who doesn’t know what the topic is about):

My analysis is that is has a problem with the different artist writings. Maybe I could improve my results by fixing als the artists, but this is a lof of work with 42.000 songs.

Two other things I’ve noticed:

  • `´and the ’ - apostrophes are a big problem in recognizing songs, even when you search your library. Would it be possible to make lexicon behave like é is the same as e or è ? Or even ton have an option for that :)?
  • the easiest way to find duplicates is to look at the length ot the song. So if you could implement another option in the duplicate scanner, that it only shows duplicates, which song length is the same, 2-5s or even 10 secons the same, it would be way easier to find duplicates :)!

Here now all the screenshots:

Great, thanks for all these duplicates! I’m looking at them soon and will make sure they are caught in the next update

Here are my results:

  • California Love: already a match
  • Last Night: improved title match but can’t improve the wrong artist. P. Diddy and Diddy is too different
  • Promiscuous: improved title match
  • Got 2 Luv U: already a match
  • Beds Are Burning: improved title match on medium tolerance
  • Easy Lover: already a match on high tolerance
  • Eye in the sky: improved title match
  • Under Pressure: missing artist
  • Celebration: already a match on medium tolerance
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Thank you! So you have to adjust all the results manually?

I have to add rules in the scanner so certain words are ignored. For example " - Remastered" was not ignored yet. There are many rules and exceptions like that

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