Duplicate track entries after export to Serato

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Lexicon version:Latest
Operating system: Mac

Bug description
after importing from Lexicon to Serato I have many duplicate track entries although the tracks are only physically present once.
The iTunes icon is also missing. (see the screenshot)

Even after deleting the duplicate entries, they appear again after the restart

There were no duplicate entries before the import.
The tracks are also only available once in Lexicon.

Do you have a solution?

thank you


Please add a screenshot for context. If this is about a DJ app, please also add screenshots of the problem in that DJ app.

Do these tracks originally come from iTunes?

Yes they do

Best wishes

Alright, must be something between Serato and iTunes that Lexicon doesn’t know about yet. My advice would be to just clear your Serato database and re-sync from Lexicon. You won’t lose anything that way and the iTunes tracks should be gone.

Best to make a backup before doing so! Important are your _Serato_ folders. You will find one in your Music folder and one on each drive that has music on it.

Sorry - it was my mistake.
I had activated “show iTunes Library” in the Serato settings.
Now everything is OK


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