End-to-end Key data query

Just testing out Lexicon as a tool to take & sync my Traktor over to Rekordbox. Key data query.

I’m using MIK to analyse & store the Key (using initial key option for Traktor) and Comment field updated with key & BPM. Using Lexicon key mapping to show that Key in Camelot wheel in Lexicon eg 8m > 3A.
Example file… Traktor Initial Key : 3A, Key 8m, Comment “3A - 116.6”, Rekordbox Key shows 3A as I don’t analyse key in RB.
Two queries.

  1. Why in the blog documentation do you recommend not updating Common tags (Comments)
    Guide: Using Mixed in Key with Lexicon | Lexicon - DJ Library Management
  2. What Key then goes out to Rekordbox? If I take the same file to Rekordbox manually it seems to take the Initial Key (eg. 3A), so wondering what Key Lexicon takes over to Rekordbox? Will it come down to my mapping? Can you not bring in Initial Key and take that over?

MIK will update your title to something like 10A - Get Lucky and that is for a legacy reason. It’s ugly and unpractical to have your keys infront of your titles. We don’t want the comment tag changed either (you may already be using it) and MIK will put in something like 10A - Energy 5 which is also a workaround way of saving data. Lexicon has a real energy field instead.

There is a key setting on the Sync page, that is the key that goes out to Rekordbox.

If you want to MIK key in Lexicon, you have to reload tags after using MIK.

It doesn’t update the title, but the Comment yes and it’s good having it’s info there (key - BPM). You still didnt explain what is affected if that data is in Comment. Lexicon will just pass it on won’t it?

You can let MIK write to comment if you want, it’s just not what I would recommend. There is no downside to it other than your comment field being used in a way that’s not really needed.