Engine DJ 3.1.0 Playlist and sub-playlists not syncing with Lexicon

  • running macOS Monterey - V12.6.6
  • via Engine - I dragged and dropped folders/sub-folders from external HDD to create playlists in Engine.
  • via Lexicon (both recently released beta “BLUE” and “RED”) - SYNC → Import → lexicon was not able to read/see the created playlists.
  • thinking perhaps lexicon cannot see those playlists as they were originally dragged and dropped folders. Therefore, I manually created a playlist and dragged those previously created playlists, with their sub-playtlists into the newly created playlist. I now have a manually created playlist with sub-playlists.
  • returning to lexicon, sync-> import playlist. Lexion can read one playlist only, containing ALL tracks. Lexicon cannot see the sub-playlists.

Could you please advise what the issue may be ?

Can you try the “Extra” option on the import screen? That might be this issue