Engine DJ tracks not analyzed after import

Hi there,

First of all - great app! It’s just saved my music collection of 20+ years :slight_smile:

I use Engine Dj, and had my collection on an external hard drive that went a bit funny. So I wanted to move my collection back to the hard drive on my Mac and found there was no way of doing this within Engine itself

So I downloaded Lexicon and imported everything in all my playlists in from Engine, and then after moving the folder with all my music from my external to my mac’s internal drive, used the locate lost files function to relocate them on the internal drive - worked brilliant and took seconds - great!

I then exported the collection back to Engine Prime - again it worked and was really quick. All the files seems to be there, cue points are there - only one problem…

Despite being analyzed in Engine before I imported to Lexicon, and then when I imported to Lexicon they were also analyzed, when I export them back to Engine none of the tracks are analyzed

Also, weirdly, Engine Prime won’t let me re-analyze any of the tracks. The only way I can analyze them is to play them in the player, which would take loooong time for 7k+ tracks :rofl:

I’ve tried exporting from Lexicon twice now, once with Beatgrids on ‘default’ and the other with Beatgrids on ‘Lock all’ - same results both times.

Does anyone have any idea where i’m going wrong? Thanks!

As I was typing this I realised the only option I haven’t tried is to export with Beatgrids ‘unlocked’ - I tried this and some of the tracks are now analyzed and some are not, but there seems to be more analyzed with this option than either of the others - and I think Engine is slowly adding the others in the background as I can see previews appearing (even though there are ‘no jobs running’ in Engine

Maybe it just takes time to import them all and i’m being impatient? haha

all sorted, it just took a while for them to gradually load back in :slight_smile:

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Great :slight_smile: Awesome to hear Lexicon saved your library :smiley: