Engine OS beatgrids Mostly Offset after import

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Lexicon version: …1.40
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:

After importing from Serato DJ, a high percentage of the songs are off beatgrid in Lexicon and Engine OS.

I see you can fix this with the utilities menu but under utility > Other but i only have 1 option to select under this menu which is Playlist Occurence ?

Step by step to reproduce:


The Beatshift Correction utility is now automatic so you don’t need to run it yourself anymore.
This does look like that problem though.

Can you upload a few tracks that have this offset? I’ll give them a check here
You can upload directly to me with this link: http://upload.lexicondj.com

Hi Christiaan,

Thanks for the quick response.

I think I have found the issue, the ones that are offset seem to be all mp4 video files.

I tried random tracks in Engine os on PC and all mp3s seem to be fine but mp4 seems to be off grid.

I am assuming mp4 is not fully supported yet which would make sense.

I know I can rip mp3 from mp4 files so likely will be the best solution in the meantime?

Kind regards


Yeah that would work.

Can you upload a few of those mp4s? I still want to check them and see if I can improve the situation in the future


Yes I can do that will send some later on today.

Kind regards


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Hi Christiaan,

Used the previous email link to upload 3 MP4s for testing Beatgrid import on Lexicon they all seem to start just a bit before the first beat so hopefully its not too difficult to fix.

BTW loving your app, keep up the good work.


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