Error syncing to EngineDJ

I’m trying to sync with Engine DJ, but this results in an error.

I tried several times, full sync but also an individual playlist.

It’s my last subscription day today, so I desperately need help :expressionless:

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.
And what playlist are you trying to sync?

I’ll add some free time to your account as well.

Edit: see you already uploaded

Appears to be a bug in how smartlists are imported from Rekordbox. All your Jaarlijsten smartlists are wrong. You can delete or recreate them (or just not sync them) and it should work.

thanks, I removed the particular playlists from Lexicon after importing from RB, did a full sync to EngineDJ (which worked) and manually created them in EngineDJ again.

For now it did what it supposed to do (thanks for the free days!)

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