Error when exporting to traktor

I have my library on Lexicom and I want to export it to Traktor. Lexicom tells me that everything went well and I can now open Traktor and check it, and when I open Traktor it says… “your collection is invalid and could not be read. It has been renamed and a new collection has been created” What can i do?? I use Traktor Pro 3. Thanks

That means Traktor thinks there is something in the NML that Lexicon wrote that it does not like. Can you upload that invalid NML file to me? You can find it here: Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor 3.../collection_backup_invalid.nml

You can upload directly to me with this link:

Once I have it, I’ll let you know what the problem is and give you a fix.

Ok I already sent it to you.

Thank you so much

My Traktor isn’t showing it as invalid, it just works

What Traktor version do you have?

Traktor 3.2.0 60

What version of Traktor do you have?

I’m on the latest 3.7.1

Fixed, update to version 3.8 and it works. thank you so much.

I have a question in case you can help me, although it’s from Traktor… the physical files are on a flash drive, how can I put those files on the hard drive and have the library recognize them? If you know how to do it, I would greatly appreciate it.

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I think you can just copy them to your hard drive? Then just drag them into Traktor (or Lexicon)