Error when Importing Rekordbox Library - getFullYear

Hi there. I’ve just tried to import my Rekordbox 6 library and go the following error message:

Error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getFullYear’ of null

Any ideas what’s the issue?

Hi there! I can’t tell right now but maybe you can send me your Rekordbox database? Then I can fix it for you.

It is this file:





You can upload directly to me with this link:

Hi Christiaan,

I’ve uploaded the DB. Let me know what you can do.

Thanks for your help!

Got it, thanks.

This intelligent playlist is the problem:

Try removing the last row, then try the import again

I also noticed another issue when importing your library, where the first Release Date rule would not import at all. That is fixed in the next Lexicon update.

And since you are importing the Release Date rule, they get turned into the Year rule in Lexicon, because Lexicon does not know Release Date. That is a bit of a shortcoming in Lexicon currently.

Thanks Christiaan!

This has helped and I’ve managed to import the database.

In regards to Release Date – will this be a feature soon?

I like to colour my tracks via release date. Help with curating DJ sets as well as selecting tracks to play on the fly based on what newly released versus an old classic!

It’s on my list of things to consider but I can’t say if that will be soon. Might be in the next beta