Error when syncing to Engine

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Lexicon version: 1.6.8
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description: After importing playlists from a Serato database I try to export / sync it with a new EngineDJ database. This seems to work (database is created on the destination drive), but at the end I get the error message “SqliteError : UNIQUE constraint failed : track.path”

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Import Serato Playlists into Lexicon (+/- 60000 track)
  2. Sync to a new EngineDB database (empty disk)


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This will be fixed in the update in a few days, top of my list.
A workaround should be to sync to an empty Engine database, but you said you already had an empty db?

Thx for the info !

I didn’t start from an empty db, but from an empty disk, wich is ofcourse something completely different.
I will see if I can export without errors on an empty db.

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.
I just want to confirm I have the right bugfix for this issue.

Did so and noticed that there was a new version that should solve my problem.
But sadly, it isn’t, the same error occurs at the end of an export to EngineDJ.
I’ve uploaded the logs and databases again

And you synced to a completely empty disk? Quite odd that I can’t get the error here then :thinking:

I’m trying again at this very moment.
Formatted the disk before starting the operation.
I can “see” that Lexicon is filling up the database and copying the soundfiles to the new disk.
Will let you know how it ends.
By the way, there is also a small visual bug. When you resize the program-window during an export, the progressbar dissapears but, the process keeps going on. So it’s only a visual issue.

The error showed up again. It happens when all the tracks are copied into the EngineDJ music folder.
So what now ?

Going to investigate, hoping for a fix tomorrow!

Can you try one thing, just so I can get closer to this issue? It appears to have to do with this track: Frankie Laine - A woman in love
Can you add all your “woman in love” tracks into a test playlist, then sync only that playlist to an empty disk. See if the error happens, I suspect it will and if so that will make it easier for me to find the problem.

I will do this, but first of all, I’m re-analysing the tracks in Serato.
This isn’t my own database, I’m not even a Serato user, but it’s the database from a friend who wants to switch to the Denon Prime 4+
And to say it in a simple way, this database is a mess, or like we say in dutch “een puinhoop” :slight_smile:
After the analysis, I will create a playlist with the tracks that you’ve mentioned.
If that works, I will try to import the complete database again into Lexicon and then export it to EngineDJ.
I’ll keep you informed !

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I did the test, and got the error…

Try this version please, I think it should really be fixed now

Mac x64 / Intel
Mac ARM / Apple Silicon

I discover the same issue, I have am Mac Pro M1 CPU. Using Engine 3.4 but I just have the problem with some PL do you want me to upload the logs?

After the last update that i’ve received from Christiaan, I’m happy to tell that everything is working fine now !
Thanks for the very good support !

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Thanks for letting me know!
This fix will be in the next normal Lexicon update too

@mpickel1 Please try the Lexicon version in the previous post

Having the same issue can you tell me when the next update will be out?

Update should be online now

Im still having problem :frowning:

Failed to sync to Engine DJ
Please try again.
Error: SqliteError: UNIQUE constraint failer: Track.path

Me too

Okay strange, pretty sure I had it fixed now :thinking:

Are you guys syncing to Engine desktop or to a USB/Prime ?