Export for Memory Cue Loop Export

Hei, i have several saved loops in Serato, would it be possible to safe this as Memory Cue Loop when exporting to rekordbox? So you have a memory/hotcue you can trigger on cdj and then the loop activates

Yes, on the Sync page with Rekordbox selected, you will see the Cue Destination option. Use that to create hot cues, memory cues or both.

Yeah, im using this quite often but a memory cue is not a memory cue loop . or do I misunderstand this in the rb software?

On this picture you can see that DJCUE sets an extra Hot and Memory cue with a loop sign, when this is triggered the loop also activates.

in Lexicon :

(Set ALL to Memory and Hot Cue)

There is no memory loop trigger!

This is such an useful feature. Can we get this pls?

Track in Serato Lock like this:

That is an Active Loop. Only Rekordbox and Engine support those. I don’t think Serato does that? It’s just a normal loop?

What do you mean? Serato you have to manually activate the loop. When a cue point is at the beginning of the loop and you trigger it, the loop will continue.

In Rekordbox: When a Loop Hot cue is set, you can trigger the point and the loop will activate.

This is very useful.

The loop is only in the memory bank :

But not in the hot cue bank

in DJCUE there is one in memory and one in hot cue.

This is better bc I can’t activate the loop on Cdj when the track is already playing. when there is a hot cue for loop activation you can jump to the loop during the song is playing (and the loop is active)



When I trigger D, the loop is active and D like a cue point, when I press E its the same hot cue like D but the loop is no longer active

I wish Lexicon would also be able to do this for loops … :slight_smile:

I think you are referring to Active Loops? Since those are only available Rekordbox and Engine at the moment, I’m not adding that to Lexicon yet. Maybe when another DJ app adds it

i don’t think so, I can change in rekordbox from active loop enable or disable. That’s working, the the loop activates, when the track passes it.

What I mean. in Rekordbox, wenn you set a loop and its active (in export mode) and then press a Hotcue ist not an active loop, which activates when passing a point.
Instead its A Loop Hot Cue, when pressing it the loop will activate :slight_smile:

Do you mean normal loops then?
In Lexicon you can create loops by right clicking a cue and setting a loop length. Then when sync to RB, either hot cue or memory cue, they will show up as loops.

but there is no way when syncing Serato to rekordbox that there is a loop like at djcue? Or as I mentioned. So ist currently not possible and won’t be implemented?

No, you can only send your cues/loop to the same place. So hot cues, memory cues, or both. But nothing else. I don’t want to add specific options like that because it would make Lexicon too confusing.

too confusing? :confused: it would be such a nice feature. I use loops very often…

Normal loops are perfectly supported. But if I understand you then you want to send loops to memory cues but other cues to hot? That is not supported

No, that’s not what I mean. I don’t want the loop in the memory. I want it to be saved as normal Hot Cue

That’s how Lexicon does it :

The Hot Cues → in the moemory bank and the normal hot cue bank
Loops–> only in the memory bank

What I want:
When going at the beginning of the activated loop (not saved in memory bank) and you press a free hot cue button. The hot cue will be Orange with a loop sign. Like this:

When you press this loop Hotcue it acts like a normal hot cue but also activates the loop.

That’s what I mean

And I will tell you why this is very important to me.

In Case the loop doesn’t activates automatically you have a last chance to safe your transition by pressing the loop hot cue. You know what I mean now?

Yes I could also manually adjust it but if the loop entry is to late the loop sounds like trash.

And im not James hype who mastered the manual looping, but even James Hype uses the loop hot cues. Have seen it live :slight_smile:

So… Just normal hot loops? That should also work. Loops in Lexicon that you send to the hot cue bank will just be hot loops

yeah, but it won’t work when only syncing from Serato to rb :frowning: bc the loops is only in the memory bank. Right?

No… Serato loops are imported into LXC as normal loops. So syncing to RB will put them in the hot cue bank if you want that.

hot cue bank or memory cue? what’s the difference. memory is to call, hot cue bank are visible on Cdj at the hot cue button? but that’s not the case for oops. they are only in the memory call?

I think they are callable as hot cues too. If it works like that in Rekordbox, it should work on the CDJ like that too