Export to Engine (cluttering of lists / parts of list / together / subtrackted...)

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.1.11
Operating system: Windows

Bug description:
Each time i export from Lexicon to Engine i get the following result in Engine:
Playlists getting all cluttered, playlists containing parts of other playlists or incomplete lists

Step by step to reproduce: I import my correct working db from Engine to Lexicon.
i did some edit recipes in Lexicon (cue name, cue color…) i sync back to engine
then i have the problem

Screenshot: to illustrate a situation:
A: ok Engine DB: D&B Intro's containing 19 tracks

B: as you can see in lexicon the playlist D&B Intro's contains 19 tracks

C: In Engine after a Lexicon Sync you see D&B Intro's contains 11760 tracks now

Sending you through the transfernow. :

  • Ok engine database
  • Faulty engine database (after lexicon sync)

Also send you my logs through the Lexicon App

I’m seeing this when I sync your db:

And the Engine db file you sent me has 19 tracks in the playlist.

So I think this is maybe coming from a different Engine db file. Check if you have more, maybe on your F:/ drive? Not sure if that is the one you sent me.

I am reinstalling all atm …
And no those 2 databases (goed) & (fout) are the only ones on the pc &/or sd card at that moment.

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