Export to Engine DJ and Rekordbox beatgrid and cue points offset


I need to move my whole rekordbox library to engine dj app, but like 50% of the tracks are beatshifted and cue points also with them. There weren’t any rules what tracks are shifted, and which are not. So first, I imported my whole rekordbox library into Lexicon and manually shifted my whole library in Lexicon app (because same happened when Lexicon read rekordbox library) to right position so I can just export it to engine dj app in one go.

But, the problem is that 20% of the tracks beatgrids are not correct when transfered and Cue points all over the place in those tracks. Same happens when I export to rekordbox 6. Some tracks are shifted in rekordbox like 15-20ms early, same as beatgrid.

I don’t know how to fix this. Lexicon library is correct beatgrids in every track, but random craziness happens when I sync tracks to engine or rekordbox.

Does anyone know why this happens or how can I fix this without checking every track in engine dj did it export every track (10000+ tracks) correctly and moving beatgrid and cue points manually for each track?

Thank you.

Yeah this is the ever lasting beatshift problem :confused: Some tracks have that when converting between DJ apps.

I can check some tracks for you and confirm if it is the beatshift problem. Can you upload a few? You can upload directly to me with this link: http://upload.lexicondj.com

I sent the files. But this isn’t just beatshift problem. Some tracks has wrong beatgrid markers on right BPM. BPM is set like 92, but beatgrid is set like it is 80. I don’t know how is that even possible but it is.

We are talking now about exporting Lexicon to Engine DJ. All tracks in Lexicon are on the beat, all beatgrids modified to be good, all Cue points quantized to grid.

Every export to Engine DJ is a fail in like 10-20% of the tracks. I even used Platinum notes on all my tracks so all my tracks are same volume, all encoded and made by the same program. Just to be clear, I first used Platinum notes on all tracks, relocate and manually shift every beatgrid and cue points in every track, then did the export. Even with that, this happens a lot of time.

I pay for this software to make easy transition from one DJ platform to another, just as this software describe. But if I can’t do just that, what is the point?

If the BPM changes then it’s not the beatshift problem.

The tracks you sent, do they have the changing BPM?

Also, can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. Should be able to reproduce the problem here with that.

Yes, the files I sent have that BPM problem as well. Have in mind that when I make playlist sync to Rekordbox, some tracks have beatshift problem and some does not. So beatshift problem is active also when exporting to Rekordbox. I uploaded database & logs.

There is something weird going on. I looked at your Estranho track and the “Beat” cue is correct in Lexicon at 10.25s.
In Engine that same cue is very wrong, but it does appear to be at 10.25s.

So it looks like the waveform is different in Engine somehow. I’m not entirely sure yet, I will do some more testing tomorrow.

If you noticed, tracks that are affected with this weird behaviour, they play faster in engine.

Yeah I have actually seen that behavior before, but back then it would say the track is sped up in Engine by 100% or something. Now it said it was at 0%. Seems like a similar problem though… I’ll do some digging

Okay the problem is that your track has a samplerate of 48000 in Lexicon but the actual samplerate is 44100. That causes the beats to move.
You can reload tags in Lexicon and it will also reload the samplerate and correct it.

Question is where did the 48000 come from… If these tracks were imported from Engine then Engine seems to load an incorrect samplerate

Well, all tracks were imported from Rekordbox. But, after that, all tracks were replaced with new ones after using Platinum notes. So I manually adjusted all beatgrids in all tracks in Lexicon after relocating them. Most of them were shifted like 20ms in advance, some were 3ms late. But after that all tracks were set in lexicon allright. So I don’t know why 10% of the tracks were offset and other 90% were good if all tracks were made by Platinum notes.

If I rescan info of all offset tracks in Lexicon, I should be able to export it correctly?


I don’t know if the original tracks were 44100 and PN somehow puts them on 48000 (magically creating new sound? sure) but if that is the case, then that was the problem

Personally I wouldn’t use PN (your mixer has gain knobs). And if you do, always use it before adding your tracks to any DJ app or Lexicon

I don’t either,

I believe PN makes a different copy of the track, so it may be saving them as 48000.

Snake oil.

Autogain all day!

Ok, but why only 10% of the tracks are affected? I know my library wasn’t 90% 48000 bit rate. There’s the question why some tracks were and most of them were not affected by this annomaly. When I rescaned info in lexicon on affected tracks and exported them to engine, nothing happened except cue points were on grid, but on wrong positions again.

I can’t say but I definitely found this problem because of the wrong sample rate.

When I reloaded tags, my cues were on the grid also but the grid was correct, it was the same as the grid in Lexicon.

Have you noticed tracks playing faster in Engine after reloading tags? That was most likely also caused by the wrong sample rate

The grid was correct, cues were on grid, but position of cues were wrong. Check beatgrid numbers and positions and you will see that cues were not placed on right position on downbeat. So that isn’t the real problem. Reloading info and tags just fixes beatgrid. Cue points were not exported and placed correctly.

They were for me, did you sync them to Engine again?

Can you make screenshots of the updated situation?