Export to iTunes / iPhone Sync

I am looking to get a copy of my Lexicon library on my iPhone, so I can listen when I am on the go.

The easiest way would seem to be to export to iTunes / Apple Music on the Desktop and then Sync the Library, which the iPhone should pick up.

I export the Lexicon playlist and import - which goes fine and exactly the right number of tracks get exported. However, these playlist never sync to mobile correctly.

I have an active Apple Music subscription and iTunes Match - which is enabled.

The playists appear on the iPhone - but most have between zero and three tracks, where the Desktop version has 50/60+ each.

I realize this isn’t a Lexicon but an Apple Music issue - but would be great to understand if anyone has solved this - or found another good way to have their library on the iPhone including the folder/playlist structure.

How long did you wait until you checked the playlists on your phone? iTunes Match needs to upload all of those tracks so it’s possible they hadn’t yet uploaded.