Export to Traktor interpreted as not analyzed


I think I have no right to ask this question, because i don´t have an active subscription, but during my last subscription I realized again that the application still had a long way to go and that is why I canceled.

I wanted to ask if it is planned to incorporate in future versions of LXC, that when exporting to VDJ or Traktor, these applications do not need to analyze again the tracks that were exported with their playlists with LXC. It must be assumed that if they were already analyzed by another application like EDJ or LXC itself (beatgrid, bpm, key…), then it’s a huge hassle and waste of time back in Traktor to wait for it to analyze them again.


Every DJ app does need to analyze their tracks and that will probably always stay like that. Waveform data is completely different for each DJ app and reverse engineering that will be a huge undertaking that I really really don’t want to do.