Exported Playlist some tracks won't transfer open Key notation

I created a playlist of new tracks in Rekordbox opened Lexicon imported the playlist and then exported it back to rekordbox. Five tracks are missing the open key. I tried to do this again but that doesn’t fix it. What should I do?

Did those tracks all have keys before importing into Lexicon?

And can you show screenshot of that playlist in Lexicon with the Key column showing?

I’m embarrassed to admit I can’t figure out how to show the key column in lexicon. I’ve clicked all over it I’m sure it’s right in front of me. These were just downloaded from Beatport

And just like that I figured it out - I should have read the help section (it’s a good thing i’ma DJ and not a brain surgeon)

Well I’ve highlighted the tracks in question and re analyzed them with great success. I have no idea why they were consistently left out of the process but I’ve discovered a work around. Thank you for the hand holding.

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Great, no worries :slight_smile: