Failed to sync to Rekordbox | SqliteError: database disk image is malformed

i have buyed and used Lexicon for the first time to cleanup my collection/remove duplicated tracks and also because i would test how fast and good the Export and Imports are working if i want to sync my Traktor and Rekordbox Collection. Sadly im not able to Export/Sync the Collection to Rekordbox, because i getting the Error “SqliteError: database disk image is malformed”.

Hope you can help me with it. Rekordbox with the current Collection/DB ist still working and looks to be fine. I have also try at Lexicon at “Help->Database Integrity Check” but this tells me also “No Problems were Found”.

Lexicon version: 1.6.16
Operating system: Windows

Bug description:
Collection Sync to Rekordbox 6 / 7 Direct

Step by step to reproduce:
In my case just go to the Sync/Export tab, Sync to Rekordbox 6 / 7 Direct and start the sync


Usually this happens if RB is launched during the sync or maybe the RB agent was doing something in the background.

First thing to try is to start RB, close it and try the sync again

If that doesn’t work, best to restore the RB database backup that Lexicon makes, see Backups and how to restore them under the Rekordbox chapter.

From RB nothing was running, also not in the Background.
Its also the first time that i use Lexicon so i have only 1backup file which lexicon have created but this also not helping.

I have found out now that the problem are not showing up if i use a empty new rb database. (have renamed my master.db) and after that the sync to rekordbox was working and also was done after only 5-10minutes or so.

With my normal database it have take 1-2hours before i got the SqliteError. But with this method i didn’t have my analyse data and would have to anylize all my songs again which would take days. 1 Time it would be maybe possible but not everytime if i want to sync my traktor with rekordbox.

Is there maybe a limit about db size or number of tracks/files so?

I’m not really sure what causes this error for Rekordbox, it doesn’t happen often. I just know there is a big chance for it to happen if you start RB when the sync is running.
I think if you use the empty database and sync to it, it will work better after that. Whatever was corrupt in the database is gone then.