Failed to sync to Serato DJ

Hi, i’m trying to sync my Library to Serato, but the process is always failing at 2%.
The error message i get is “RangeError: Invalid array length”.

Antivirus is deactivated and Lexicon is excluded from any inspection by it.

Update: Seems like it has something to do with the Fieldmapper.
I was trying to transfer the Ratings to Composer, and after i removed this from the process, it continued normally.

I’ll look into that, thanks for reporting.

It seems like you have a rating below 0 somewhere, that would cause that error. Although the track browser won’t show anything below 0 so that might be hard to find… You could select all tracks with 0 rating and right click → Edit and then set it to 1, save, the back to 0. That should force it to be properly 0 everywhere.

Will fix this error in the next update.

Thank you.

I’ll wait for the update.

If you want it sooner, you can use the beta release in a few days: Download (BETA) | Lexicon - DJ Library Management


The last few days I’ve tried to use multiple Betas, i have no idea if it was updated, but it didn’t work. Unfortunately, today my subscription expired, so i wasn’t actually able to transfer my collection -ratings included- to Serato.

Merry Christmas.

Please send me a PM with your receipt number and I’ll get you a refund.

I’m not sure why the fix in the beta didn’t work, but I will look into it again.

Thank you for the offer. I’ve managed to do most of what I wanted without problems, except for transferring/remapping the ratings to a different field for Serato.
Thanks again, but you’ve worked hard to make our lives easier, and I respect that.

I hope you will be able to find a solution to the bug.

Merry Christmas.

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Please try todays beta update, has another fix for your error, hopefully the right fix :+1: