Failed to Sync to Virtual DJ, reports unknown error

Lexicon version: 1.4.0
Operating system: Windows

Bug description:
When performing a sync to a fresh install of Virtual DJ I receive the error:

Failed to Sync to Virtual DJ.
Please try again.
Error: UNKNOWN: unknown error, stat ‘d:\VirtualDJ’

Step by step to reproduce:
I first installed Lexicon on my main laptop and imported my Traktor playlists and I backed up my database to the cloud.
I installed Lexicon on my secondary laptop and installed a fresh version of VirtualDJ.
I restored my cloud backup on the secondary laptop and attempted to sync this to Virtual DJ.

I have uploaded the Logs/Database using Lexicon in case this requires further debugging.

What kind of drive is your D: drive?

Yeah that could be the issue its a mapped network drive but set to offline mode so it just syncs. The weird things is I never installed VirtualDJ to D:\ so I just uninstalled it and the d:\VirtualDJ folder remained and its refusing to allow me to delete it even after a reboot. I’ve deleted it from my server and just performing a sync to see if it’ll be removed.

I then reinstalled VirtualDJ ensuring it was installed to my C:\ drive but I still receive the same error when syncing Lexicon.

Is there a possibility that this ‘d:\VirtualDJ’ directory is left over from a previous install and Lexicon is detecting it even though VirtualDJ is using a location on my C:\ drive for its files?

Lexicon only writes to the D: drive if there are any tracks in your library from that drive. So my guess is your library now has some D: tracks in it. You can remove those or relocate them elsewhere with Find Lost Tracks.

After my sync finished which removed d:\VirtualDJ this issue resolved itself.

For anyone else finding this in the future:
All my tracks are located on D:\ drive.

I’m guessing this error was cause from an old left over VirtualDJ install still remaining on another drive.

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