Feature Request - Pull Spotify Clean versions of music

I’ve been loving lexicon so far but I do have a request for a future update. I receive playlists from clients for their events and of course they play the explicit versions, however, on parties obviously I have to play the clean ones. Can you build in a feature that will take their playlist and pull the clean versions or at least create a new playlist on Spotify with the clean variants?

That is a bit outside the scope of what Lexicon does. That’s more of a Spotify specific tool.

Not sure how you are playing your music, but generally you don’t play that directly from Spotify.

I’m playing them from within Serato using, tidal or beatsource. I’m converting their request playlist over using soundiiz but I can’t use them because they are dirty. However, it’s fine, I found an app that does that. Cleanify.

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Cool, good find!

When you do the compare with what is in my personal library vs. the Spotify playlist I can to also add a text in the name field for the matching.
Spotify song: Do my - Jay-z, Memphis Bleek
Added text: “CLEAN” or “Radio” in the title
Result: Do my (CLEAN) - Jay-z, Memphis Bleek
You can Call it “Version of the song”

okay I see that on the import page I can just type CLEAN in the title and it will only show me CLEAN.
Thats a good start but then I can’t add the ones that doesn’t have clean too the not found list so I can then go find them along with the ones that I don’t have at all. hmmm