Feature Request - Set 1st Cue automatically / Load Marker

Unless this is already somehow possible, it would be great to be able to set ONLY the first cue point automatically when analysing a beatgrid, to the first kick drum or start of the 1st bar.

Also it would be cool to be able to assign the 1st cue point as the load marker for that track, similar to how you can change a cue point to a load marker in Traktor and this then changes automatically to an orange cue point.

Obviously then be able to sync all of this to Traktor as well, which would mean I can do all of this stuff inside Lexicon in batches, rather than manually in Traktor.
When I’m prepping a new list of 50 tunes in my library, it really takes forever.

You can use the cue point generator for that


It doesn’t always seem to work, but it’s serving me ok for now. Thank you!

How do the keyboard shortcuts for changing Hot Cue colours, work exactly?

I’m on a hot cue, and I’m trying to change it to yellow for the first hot cue, but it doesn’t seem to do anything…

There is no hotkey for changing cue color, I think you are using the hotkey to change track color

However you can set up a Cue Template and apply that to a cue with a hotkey

I would love to say other, but sadly it isn’t very good.

In a playlist of 100 tunes which are edits which have already been warped by the remixer, it only managed to add a hot cue on the first kick drum in less than half of the tunes.
Some of them don’t have intros, the first kick drum is literally at the start, so why can’t it add a cue point?

Will there be any improvements made in the near future?

No plans right now but later probably yes

All good, it’s useable for the time being.